DARWOOD’S WILD BASSOON is returning to life!  But due to unforeseen circumstances this year, I need to postpone this epic show.

Stay tuned to see when we will release this classic tale, written by Fraser Jackson and illustrated with a staggeringly ambitious number of huge paintings by me… when this work if finished, we will show the 25 life-sized paintings as part of the performance with bassoon quartet and narrator. And possibly dancing girls.

Bassoon Out Loud is now booking for 2017 and beyond with our first show on October 10 in Trail, B.C. for the Trail Arts Council  with 8 of our dashing string players as both orchestra and soloists along with me… it’s going to to be a dream come true to take this show on the road.  Looking for more BC dates!


Audience Reviews from Ophelia Speaks, September 25, 2016

I like the venue, the atmosphere, the fact that it’s a worthwhile series…The music was transporting…what a pleasure and privilege to hear live, unrecorded, unamplified music being created right in front of us and just for our pleasure.  The immediacy of it all sort of upped the stakes and made us pay attention very intently lest we miss any of it.

The intros by the soloists was just about perfect.  In fact maybe it was perfect as I can’t think of how to improve it.  They had enough time to say something about themselves and the music and you have created an atmosphere in which they feel comfortable exposing themselves a little.  Really, that was so well done.  After Bijan’s solo I very nearly stood up and asked him to please play it again – just the same thing but again – It was exquisite and I was not ready to leave it.  It was kind of as if I’d been kissed on the cheek by the most beautiful woman in the world and although I didn’t need to plank her right then and there or have children with her – but I would have liked to gaze into her eyes for another 60 seconds before she became an afterglow. Steve’s introduction was, I thought at the time, maybe a little schmaltzy for my taste and then 15 seconds later I felt embarrassed for thinking that as he was obviously so sincere and I felt I’d been called out for being cynical.  That was only the start of the emotional trip he escorted me on in the next few minutes!  I was so glad to be in the front row because just watching his face go through the progression of emotions as he squeezed such magic out of the violin was worth coming out for if that’s all there was to the concert!  I was truly grateful to him for 1/ being so vulnerable and putting that into the music and 2/ For being so damn good.  Those solos stand out, but all of them – no exceptions – were great.  I remember thinking I could have used more of each of them and it’s a sure mark of success to leave the audience wanting more.  Johnny Lucas

I’m not into religions, but sitting in that little church yesterday afternoon almost made me religious! What a great concert. All the players were very good — individually and as an ensemble — and you were stellar as usual. The program was beautifully shaped. I could see the strings were feeding off your great energy in the Vivaldi. You always astound me with your musical and technical abilities. We are already looking forward to your next concert. Ulla Colgrass

We so enjoyed your concert yesterday. The music was very well chosen and I really liked the idea of breaking up the ensemble into soloists, which personalizes the presentation and gives such great variety to the music.And I think there’s no match for you on this planet for bassoon playing (how do you play those fast triplets so clearly and well in time?)—and certainly no match for appearance! Your costume (including your hair) was terrific. Michael Colgrass

Audience comments from first show, The Company You Keep, August 15, 2016:

It was so great to hear your lovely playing last night. I had forgotten how gorgeous the sound of a bassoon is. Loved hearing the Weber, which I know so well! C. C. 

Last night was wonderful. The last piece knocked my socks off!! D.W. 

Your commitment to your own musical instincts is so inspiring… you play with such conviction that it really seems like each phrase really cannot be played any other way. M.S. 

Your generosity of spirit is evident in your quest for collaboration with like-minded artists. I just about jumped out of my seat and cried out, “me, too! M. S. 

The intimacy of the evening, the quality of the performance!!! And the energy that the musicians shared was the best.  If there were another concert tonight – I’d be there!  J. L.